March 2007

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first guest contribution from our friends Allez Allez (london) Enjoy !

Weekend Steve Mix

marta acuna – dance, dance, dance
peech boys – don’t make me wait
jackos – they live we sleep
north end – kind of life (kind of love)
felix – tigerstripes
luv you madly orchestra – moon maiden (walter gibbons edit)
double exposure – my love is free (album remix)
bumblebee unlimited – lady bug
detroit emeralds – feel the need in me

The first Alex Delivery album (“Think Can or Faust all mashed up with the personal disco of Arthur Russell”) will be available at the end of april on Jagjaguwar. The opening track is such a blast I can’t wait to listen to the rest of it.

Alex Delivery : Komad

The sampler of the issue #13 of UOVO magazine is finished. Expect mental music by Panda Bear, Glissandro 70, The Earlies, Jason Edwards, Akron/family, My My, Spektrum, Photonz, Metronomy, Francesco Tristano, Tomboy, Uzi & Ari, I:Cube… Download an exclusive 30 minutes podcast here.
Hurry up, it won’t last long.

Sugary pop action courtesy of Pascal Grégory and Rosette with Eric Rohmer behind the camera. Is this the nouvelle vague version of Desperately Looking for Suzan? So eighties.

Suicide – “Dream Baby Dream”

and the cover by the boss is here!

a small preview of the next dirty update…


who do you think you are ?
Alan Vega, a cross between a mad scientist and a sandwhich au thon.
what turns you on?
Everything – Life
what is your favorite word?
what sound or noise do you love?
The sound of nothing
have you driven anyone insane?
Every woman I’ve ever known, including my mother
have you ever made a practice of confusing people?
I don’t need to practice, I am The Master of Confusion.
what should everyone shut up about?
Everything……and Listen
what advice should you have taken, but did not?
Become a Doctor
what do you fear most?
Fear (the one shot you don’t hear)
how would you like to die?
In a dream………
what is your earliest memory?
My father telling me not to touch the train track because it was going to be too hot
do you collect anything?
what is your most recent extravagance?
I have none, I live like a monk
what five words best describe you?
I am I am no
what is your worst addiction?
what were you doing at midnight last night?
Watching a truly great film – Julien Donkey-boy by Harmony Korine
who is your worst enemy?
Doctor Alan Vega
what do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
who are your favorite heroes of fiction?
Mickey Spillane, Detective Hieronymus Bosch, Ghost Rider, The Terminator (in the 2d film), and of course Sigourney Weaver as Warrant Officer Ripley in Aliens
who are your favorite heroines in real life?
Liz Lamere, Nancy Sinatra, Nina Simone, Edith Piaf, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Fonda, and of course, Marilyn Monroe
who would you have liked to be?
J. Robert Oppenheimer and/or Albert Camus
what did your last text message say that you received?
Cingular – raising the bar
If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?
Succeeded, of course, that’s the story of my life
what are your weaknesses ?
Art, physics and women
who is your art for ?
Myself and those who connect with it
what was your proudest moment ?
The first time I held my son
what was your last lie ?
what is your biggest challenge ?
Staying alive
who’s underrated / overrated ?
under – Gerard Phillipe; over – the list is endless, Madonna begins it ..go from there
do you have any magical power ?
Of course, yes I do, absolutely. Creating, from nothing, something that is like nothing else in this world. I don’t know where it comes from – for me it is magic.
what is your most treasured possession ?
I don’t have any possession.
what do your parents think of what you are doing ?
They are rolling over in their graves, but I can see them smiling…………