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dj tako : 90 mn warm up for daniele baldelli, recorded at disco exota. click on the pix to get the mix. thank you to the paris paris party people, thank you tako for the fantastic 4 hours set you played last friday !

… and they played in this 1969 movie, “Kamasutra – Vollendung der liebe”

dirty party tonight (friday 21 september)
at le paris paris (5 avenue de l’opera, paris)

sleazy spacey dirty disco music :
dj tako (cybernetic broadcasting system)
gwen jamois (black devil disco club)
dirty sound system

finkielkrauters guestlist -> email hello at
meanwhile, check this dj mix from tako, available on lovefingers


Check Chloe’s next single video, based on the short movie “mains courantes” by Lidia Terki

Chloe’s first album is the Waiting Room
it will be Out on October 10th on kill The Dj Rec.
Come and get drunk at the Release Party 29th September at Cabaret Sauvage

The Boss is Cruising the Streets of NYC
Click the pict to download the track

Son of Dracula is a musical comedy film released in 1974 by Apple Films, starring Harry Nilsson and Ringo Starr, director: Freddie Francis (from the Hammer studio). It is also the title of a Harry Nilsson album released in conjunction with the film. It includes Nilsson songs that were showcased in the film as well as portions of dialogue, used as bridging sequences. All song tracks with the exception of “Daybreak” are from Nilsson Schmilsson (1971) and Son of Schmilsson (1972), albums previously released.

Ringo Starr appears as Merlin the Magician, who follows the birth and rise of young Count Downe, played by Harry Nilsson. Starr and Nilsson were longtime friends, and Starr had played drums on Son of Schmilsson, which had spoofed horror movie motifs. A year or so later, Starr decided to make a rock and roll Dracula movie, and invited Nilsson to come on board. Nilsson thought at first the whole idea came from his recent album; as it turned out, Starr hadn’t followed its release, and until then-wife Maureen brought him a copy, he didn’t even know Nilsson had already used a similar theme.

Making the movie, both Nilsson and Starr came to realise it wasn’t going to be a great piece of cinematic art, though they still enjoyed their time on the set. After its release, not even wooden stakes were needed to put the movie in its coffin, seemingly once and for all. Showings over the years have been limited to midnight movies and similar outlets, no official home video release has ever been made, and reviewers including Leonard Maltin have little positive to say about the film.

The LP release of the soundtrack album included a T-shirt iron-on advertising the movie, and a companion songbook included a reproduction of the movie poster. The single version of “Daybreak” edited out the words “it’s pissing me off” (referring to daylight), repeating the lyric “it’s making me cough” instead, and the fadeout is longer than in any LP or CD release of the song. (“Daybreak” was covered later by Nilsson friend and former Monkee Micky Dolenz.)

NOTE: John Bonham, legendary drummer of Led Zeppelin, makes an appearance in the film….he plays the drummer in the the Count’s band.

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