January 2008

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dirty sound system – live at the black lodge
click on the pix to download the mix

intro the black dog runs at night
the siren (losoul edit)
syclops where’s jason k
marc houle bay of figs
discodeine ring mutilation
throbbing gristle hot on the heels of love
kaos panopeeps (shit robot mix)
solid groove this is sick
marascia & dusty kid plumbi
tomboy flamingo (tomboy ta-ram mix)
hot chip ready for the floor (soulwax dub)
closer musik maria
angelo badalamenti audrey’s dance

Radio Mogadishow

Take a long Walk… part.2
re-up (with one more track) because the ex-file seems corrupted…Sorry for that.

01- Deuter - Night Rain
02- Lard Free - Tatkooz a roulette
03- Igor wakhevitch - Ramallah’s road
04- Pole - Haute Pression
05- Tim Blake - Passage sur la cité de la révélation
06- Agitation free - You play for us today
07- Catharsis - Syrius
08- Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes - L’ère de la putréfaction
09- Charles Rouse
10- Patrick Tarnaud - Staned Glass

New link:


If you didn’t allready, You can get the part.1 here:


You can also check my own tracks here:


click on the pix to download the mix

Finkie en forme olympique ce week end dans Libération :
Que pensez-vous de la BD ? Il y a tant de livres à lire, de toiles à admirer, que je n’ai pas de temps à perdre pour ce qu’on appelait autrefois les illustrés.

winter family garden
henry mancini first job
rob improvisation
full interview

black sabbath fluff

who do you think you are ?
Patricia McBean’s son.

what turns you on?

what is your favorite word?

what sound or noise do you love?
alarm clocks

have you driven anyone insane?

have you ever made a practice of confusing people?

what should everyone shut up about?

what advice should you have taken, but did not?
I can’t remember

what do you fear most?

how would you like to die?

what is your earliest memory?
the landing on the moon

do you collect anything?
what is your most recent extravagance?
Neos – End All Discrimination

what five words best describe you?
fast freddy the falconed fist

what is your worst addiction?
i don’t give a shit

what were you doing at midnight last night?
playing rocknroll

who is your worst enemy?
heavy metal

what do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
bad fusion

who are your favorite heroes of fiction?
henry chinaski

who are your favorite heroines in real life?
diego del castillio

who would you have liked to be?
alexander the great

what are your weaknesses ?
my wrists

who is your art for ?
what was your proudest moment ?
first no comply

what was your last lie ?
i said i was awake

what is your biggest challenge ?
gaining freedom
who’s underrated / overrated ?
i can’t be bothered to worry about that

do you have any magical power ?
what is your most treasured possession ?
my d/a/d/d/a/d tuning

what do your parent think of what you are doing ?
they love it

Black Moutain Tyrants



Choice - Acid Eiffel


Gina X Performance – Nice Mover

holger czukay hollywood symphony
neil young change your mind
tantra a place called tarot
t shirt www.shoboshobo.com

A very special mix from Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris
Big up to the Kill The DJ crew

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