October 2008

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Dans la famille Manson, on aimait bien tuer des gens. On aimait aussi faire de la musique.

Bobby Beausoleil & The Freedom Orchestra – “Movement The Third” (Lucifer Rising Ost)
Charles Manson – “Cease to Exist”
(Bonus, la version des Beach Boys rebaptisée “Never Learn Not to Love”)

Happy Halloween.

Kelley PolarMy Beauty In The Moon – From “Love Songs Of The Hanging Gardens” Album – 2005 Environ

Onur OzerSahara – Zimmermann’s Wustenmond rmx – From “Kasmir Remixes” – 2008 Vakant

Stefan GoldmannMassenbach – From “Voices Of The Dead” Album – 2008 Macro

Daypak SoloStrings Attached – From “Devil’s House” EP – 2008 Mo’s Ferry Prod.

Peter Shapiro wrote « Turn The Beat Around », the definitive book about disco days. We finally can read it in french… Just one word : this book will change permanently the way you listen to music and may be your life…

PS : Unfortunately Peter has nothing to do with Paul Shapiro who played flute on the classic Frankie Knuckles song « The Whistle Song ».

- What turns you on ?
Peter Shapiro : Feedback, the smell of my wife in the morning.

- What is your favorite word ?

- What sound or noise do you love ?
James Brown taking it to the bridge ; an overdriven amp.

- Have you driven anyone insane ?
Not intentionally, but ask people who read my writing.

- Have you ever made a practice of confusing people ?
See above.

- What should everyone shut up about ?

- What advice should you have taken, but did not ?
Investing in gold in 2007.

- What is your vital daily ritual ?
Taking my son for a walk in the morning so he can watch the taxi cabs go by.

- What do you fear most ?
John McCain winning the election.

- How would you like to die ?
Doesn’t matter as long as it’s before Alzheimer’s or senility sets in.

- What is your earliest memory ?
Being in the backseat of my parent’s car with « Lady Marmalade » on the radio trying to figure out what « Voulez-vous coucher avec moi » meant.

- Do you collect anything ?
Post-graduate degrees.

- A fundamental thinker ?
Joey Ramone.

- What is your most recent extravagance ?
Renewing my lease in Manhattan.

- What five words best describe you ?
Tired, caustic, balding, sell-out.

- What is your worst addiction ?

- What were you doing at midnight last night ?
Wishing I was asleep.

- Who is your worst enemy ?
Conservatives, the New York Yankees.

- Who are your favorite heroes of fiction ?
Dr. Funkenstein, Rorschach.

- Who are your favorite heroines in real life ?
Tamara Dobson, Rose Maddox.

- Who would you have liked to be ?
HL Mencken.

Peter Shapiro « Turn The Beat Around (L’histoire secrète de la disco) » Editions Allia. 25 euros (and the cover is wonderful…)

PS2 : Peter Shapiro wants the world to know that he is « a big fan of Alainfinkielkrautrock for a long time. »

In 2005, for Valentine’s day, the mysterious Mr Flash made that fantastic, humoristic, psychedelic and erotic mix with the word “sex” in his ears. It was released on Ed Banger, but there was only a small amount of copies (around 200) available, due , I think, to licensing problems. As this release is not even mentioned on discogs, here it is… 
Mr Flash ” Monsieur Sexe “ – 2005

Here we go again.
2 monster tracks just for the pleasure.
Enjoy !!

Midnight ExpressDanger Zone – 1983 Tri-Fire Records
FinesseFeel it – 1982 Columbia Records

dirty & born bad present a night without electronic music this saturday at regine (paris) finkielkrauters guestlist : hello at d-i-r-t-y dot com

DIMANCHE donc, avec l’ami Andrew aka Lovefingers, et Juan MacLean

more dirty edits, selected by dirty sound system, edited by pilooski.
includes joakim and krikor edits.
2000 CD copies worldwide. no promo. no repress.
out now in some selected shops worldwide.

WE HAVE 20 COPIES LEFT (04/11/08)

Pet Shop Boys, with contemporary artist Sam Taylor-Wood, on Kompakt. A cover of an old The Passions song and it’s not a joke !

this music is better heard at low volume

kevin shields & david lang anna
juana molina* lo dejamos
aphex twin alberto balsam

* best album i’ve heard for weeks.

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