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The Gossip covering « Love Lockdown » by Kanye West (and taken from «808 & Heartbreak », one of the best album of 08). Oh, I love you so much Beth.

The Gossip « Love Lockdown » – 2009

Big up to Vidal (“i know u got soul”).

Edu Lobo Porto do Sol (1973)
Nirvana Lonely Boy (1968)
Tortoise De Chelly (2009)

Here is the remix Pilooski did for Jarvis Cocker, hope you’ll like it :
Jarvis Cocker you’re in my eyes (disco song) (pilooski mix)
More infos : http://jarviscocker.net
Thank you Jarvis and all @ Rough Trade for letting us posting this.

What turns you on?

The woods.

What is your favorite word?
Sow (as in seeds)

What sound or noise do you love?
The sound of water running in a river.

Have you driven anyone insane?
I don’t know if I we’ve driven anyone “insane” but we have definetly hurt people badly.

Have you ever made a practice of confusing people?
Jack does.

What should everyone shut up about?

What advice should you have taken, but did not?
No regrets.

What is your vital daily ritual?
We all drink a lot of water.

What do you fear most?
A skinny man laying perfectly still under the bed.

How would you like to die?
Jumping off a cliff.

What is your earliest memory?
Visiting our grandfather in the hospital.

Do you collect anything?
Driftwood, stones, horse statues and plants.

A fundamental thinker?
We are not really influenced by thinkers.

What is your most recent extravagance?
A diamond earring.

What five words best describe you?

: ( : ( : ( : ( : (

What is your worst addiction?


What were you doing at midnight last night?
Playing a show.

Who is your worst enemy?
All of our enemies are our friends, so we can’t really say.

Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?
Hansel & Gretel.

Who are your favorite heroines in real life?
Black tar jk, Sylvia Plath jk. Jane Goodall.

Who would you have liked to be?
A male lion because they have a nice life, or a snake on a branch.

Salem water
Picture by Terence Koh

Paris 29 Janvier 1972, Bataclan. Lou Reed, John Cale et Nico reforment un embryon du Velvet Underground pour un soir. Les caméras de Claude Ventura sont là.

Ce document exceptionnel est diffusé le 10 juin 1972 dans l’émission Pop 2 présentée par Patrice Blanc Francard. Il sera remonté avant d’être rediffusé le 29 Octobre 1999 sur Canal Jimmy. C’est cette version que nous vous proposons.

Bonus audio, les extraits coupés: Patrice Blanc Francard, Paul Alessandrini, Philippe Paringaux, Yves Adrien et Jean Pierre Lentin commentent le concert.

Andy Blake is the head of London’s Dissident records. With nearly 60 releases of high-quality music within the last 2 years, Dissident is simply one the best label around.

Who do you think you are ?

i hope i am a decent guy who believes in what he does and is good at it and treats other people and the world at large properly. the cold hard truth is probably that i am basically that person but a bit more flawed and crap than i’d ideally like to be.

What turns you on?

pure unadulterated beauty in all its forms and especially those amazing pieces of music that somehow seem to say everything all at once. the smell of a good party when you first walk in the room and you know deep in your gut that an amazing night lies ahead.

What is your favorite word?

i love words and especially the way they can be fitted together so choosing one is impossible but my favourite short combination of words of the last couple of years is this quote originally attributed to george orwell;

‘in times of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act’

Have you driven anyone insane ?

actual insanity no but i think i hugely frustrate a lot of people who want to see me do well by sticking to my principles when they can see that if i lowered my standards/expectations and joined in with the game a bit more then i would climb the greasy pole to ‘success’ a whole lot quicker.

Have you made a practice of confusing people?

not deliberately, but it does seem that in a city as driven by greed, deceit, stupidity and acceptance of low quality bullshit as modern london is, it is very easy to confuse people simply by believing in what you do and doing it for no reason other than you get a kick out of it and think that some other people may also get something positive from it. there’s nothing like a lack of angle or ulterior motive to put that wonderful confused look on the face of a go-getting hipster yuppie.

What should everyone shut up about ?

virtually everything that the mainstream media want us to waste our time talking about. the credit crunch, the war on terror, the war on drugs, fuel crises, fucking twitter, what various celebrities are up to etc etc etc.
it’s such an obvious smokescreen to stop people focusing on the important stuff like global unity and creating rather than destroying that i can’t quite believe people still fall for it in such huge numbers. but they do and its a massive problem. i stopped reading newspapers and watching the news on tv a few years back and it’s one of the most liberating things i have ever done.

What advice should you have taken, but did not?

i’m not as good as i should be at capitalising on what i do for maximum effect and career advancement. i just do a thing that i want to do and then the next thing that i want to do without too much of a plan. it has been pointed out to me on a number of occasions that if i squeezed the last drop out of each of my endeavours then i would be doing much better than i am. i am trying rectify that now but it really doesn’t come easily to me, i just like doing the things themselves too much to focus on what career opportunities they may create.

What do you fear most ?

that bit where you get nervous, start second guessing yourself and all becomes lost. i guess that will be fear itself then.

How would you like to die ?

at 170 or older under a tree or on a beach or in outer space. maybe under a tree near a beach on another planet.

What is your earliest memory ?

a conversation with another kid in the waiting room at the doctors when i was about 2 or 3. we were talking about an imaginary place that we had both been and wanted to go back to with such clarity and in such detail that i suspect it wasn’t imaginary at all.

Do you collect anything ?

i have a lot of records. i sincerely hope its because i dj with them rather than just collecting them. only time will tell

What five words best describe you ?

mainly positive but sometimes angry

What is your worst addiction ?

crap food. i managed to shake off booze and long standing arrangement with mary jane a few years back. the drink is consigned to the rubbish bin of history, the occasional toke still occurs but its nice to know that i’m no longer addicted.

Where were you last night at midnight ?

asleep on the sofa with my girlfriend and our cat with the tv on. its all rock and roll glamour round here.

Who is your worst enemy ?

probably me on a bad day. other than that, all the fakers, fuckwits and fascists out there.

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery ?

those occasional points where i reach a moment of despair and wonder if i should give up trying to do the right thing in the insanely corrupt, inept and dishonest music/entertainment business and just go along with the general flow of anxious hipsters striving to make it big just so i can have more money. fortunately i find this idea so revolting that it causes some kind of involuntary gag reflex and shocks me back into a state of angry productivity.

Who are your favorite heroes of fiction ?

i’m not much of a one for fiction, real life is so much more unbelievable and entertaining. i don’t really have heroes either, they only let you down.

What did your last text message say ?

a rather dull but fairly important conversation with my mate who cuts all my records.
“hi lawrie, i cant get the break1 file from our session the other week to open, even logic doesnt recognise it. can you see if it will open on your computer when you get a chance. cheers, andy”
he then phoned me to say that the file had an invalid file header and he would send me the corrected file with yousendit.
after half an hour i then sent him this
“its not here yet, maybe we mangled the email address between us. its dissident.distribution@gmail.com”
his reply
“shit upload speed, will get there”
which indeed it did.
there you have a splendid insight into the minutiae of my day to day business. its a shame i wasn’t ordering a mountain of gak and quaaludes or having 3 way phone sex with a dwarf stripper and a transsexual hooker but it was only a wednesday afternoon.

If you try to fail and succeed, which have you done ?

technically i guess you have succeeded in your task and then we hit the existential quandary; is it truly possible to fail on purpose? i think probably not but i’m open to persuasion.

What are your weaknesses ?

i focus far too much on my work to the detriment of other parts of my life. i’m prone to occasional bouts of sofa-bound laziness caused by being pissed off by and dejected about how utterly crap things can be in my chosen world/field of work and wondering why i still bother after all these years. i can also be easily distracted from the task at hand by new exciting things but i’m not sure how much of a weakness this really is.

Who is your art for ?

my musical productions are just for my own fulfillment. being in the moment making them is everything as far as i’m concerned and i often don’t bother recording them because that is enough for me. when i do, if other people like them that’s cool but it’s definitely not the primary motivation.
for me, djing is a very interesting and delicate balance between an infinitely variable site-specific artform on one hand and some kind of simple service industry on the other, where the optimum end result is to engage as many people as possible at the time, entertain and thrill them to the point that they are challenged and disorientated or fulfilled and content enough that they may think or feel about things differently for a moment or two and ultimately be left feeling positive about the world, their lives and the limitless possibilities that exist for us all. of course most of them mainly just want to forget their cares and have a dance so if a gig leaves us all happy, and i think pretty much all of them do these days, then it’s been a good night.

What was your proudest moment ?

i hope it is yet to come. i get a great sense of satisfaction from the feeling of a job well done, which for me is most often a good dj gig, and i do feel good about my work with the label when someone tells me that it has affected them positively in some way.

What was your last lie ?

something along the lines of ‘i’ll be there in 10 minutes’ when i know i will be much longer. that one happens almost daily i’m ashamed to say. fortunately i tend not to lie about important things.

What is your biggest challenge ?

i suspect it is self-imposed. i am determined to be successful in music and djing by sticking to my guns and doing what i do best without compromising what i believe in. according to some people this makes me ‘difficult’ and ‘unrealistic’ in the current hyper-commercialised climate but its the only way i know how to be.

What is your most treasured possession ?

i’m not really much of a possession head. all the things i have are for a practical purpose. i love having a large and varied record collection mainly because i get to share it with people, and i’m very pleased to have the bunch of synths, drum machines and other boxes i use to make a racket in my studio. i’ve also got a few rare books i really enjoy having to hand; tribal rites, a book written in the 80s about the dance scene in san francisco is the latest addition to this small but interesting pile.

What do your parent think of what you are doing ?

i think they are generally bemused by my life choices. they stopped asking me when i’m going to get a proper job some time ago but it’s still there behind the smiles.

What’s next on Dissident?

volume 3 of the compilation cds is coming out any minute now and of course there’s the usual slew of interesting and varied 12″s that just keeps on keeping on. at some point i may even make room in the schedule for some of my own productions. there is also a new label project that i’m starting in august called black editions. there will be 13 of these over the next year or so and then it will vanish like a puff of smoke.

Andy Blake: Rock the boat mix


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