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Why not

Michel Rubini and Denny Jeager – Beach House
Michel Rubini and Denny Jeager – The Arisen
Leo Delibes – Lakme


Fallait bien qu’un jour ou l’autre
le big up leur tombe sur le coin de la gueule.
Du bon boulot
Y’a un truc qui se passe là

Andrea True ConnectionMore More More (SDC Rework)
Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go For that (Foot & Mouth Remix) ==> Ce remix me rend juste dingo.

prince language on the double edit

pour ceux qui ne l’auraient pas compris, prince language jour ce soir à notre soirée ! scroll down. josh, hope you’re gonna play this one !

facebook event
+ digitick

pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas holy ghost! :
mgmt of moons birds and monsters (holy ghost! mix)

pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas prince language :
lcd sound system 4533 (prince language mix)

pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas mugwump :

++ mugwump dj mix for kompakt

DC Salas “Peru” Mugwump remix (Stroomwissel 001)
Duckbeats “Music (Don’t stop)” (Hometaping is Killing Music)
It’s a Fine Line “Do the Hot Tar” (Marketing
Thomas Brinkmann “Walk with me” (Curle)
Metope “From Druida” (Sender)
Flashnap “Suludada” (Beyond)
Vandermeer “Positive Light” (My Favorite Robot)
Ladies Choice “American Dubdub ” Ivan Smagghe Contractors edit (Cd-r)
The Love Supreme “Sugar” dub (Tirk)
Tiga “Six O’ Clock” Matias Aguayo rmx (Turbo/Different)
O.N.O “Signa” Mad Mike rmx (The Blue Herb Recordings)
Florian Kruse “Para Levar” (Kdr)
Lele “Disco master” Azari & III rmx (Magnetron)
Platique de Reve ft Ghosttape “It’s Summer” (Space Factory)
Burglar Tom “Is your mind clear” (Burglar)
Jodey Kendrick “Indus Silver Club” B1 (Rephlex)

à vendredi.

Amin-Peck : « Suicidal (Instrumental Version) » – 1983

if you follow this blog carefully, you may have catched a gonjasufi song called “holidays” i’ve posted last year… a true obsessive track i’ve been listening to 167890 times since (i even recorded the track on tape to listen to it on my “autoradio” this summer)… mr suffi has now signed on warp records and i had the chance to listen to his forthcoming LP called “a a sufi and a killer” (out march 8th) and it’s already one of my top albums of 2010. the best record warp has released for years. a small masterpiece. i mean the kind of record you like entirely, not only 4 good songs on a average album. gonjasufi’s music is raw, lo fi, ghetto, tender, spaced out, folk, trippy and above all, soulful as hell. you’ve been warned, this guy lives in a crap caravan outside las vegas but he’s a winner for us.

gonjasufi ancestors


a fan vid :

-Stardustin’- from Lico on Vimeo.

Walk on Air

C’est pour toi G!

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