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jeu concours : guestlist pour les 5 premiers qui enverront le nom du label de theo parrish à hello at d-i-r-t-y dot com


maria minerva unchain my heart
suuns up past the nursery
paul st john spaceship lover
pix the library of larceny

10 minutes of suspended melancholy

10 minutes of suspended melancholy by PSKI


hello seventies french pop lovers, we’d like to know who’s the artist behind this track :

if you have the answer, please let us know :
you’re gonna get some respect and maybe some records.

OK thanks a lor for all your contributions ! the band is ZEUGMA “groupe de rock progressif de Saint-Quentin“. Thank you Charlie Meignan for the good tip.

Jonny Sender is the Bassist and sometimes guitarist with KONK, no wave-post disco-latin funk band. He is also a great dj who spin records and make music of New York City and beyond. Deep house, quick cut super-disco breaks and underground funky disco. He’s playing in Paris this saturday 19 th of March “Chez Moune” for the Mein Disko Konk Party, so don’t miss it !

facebook event
his podcast for Rhythm Cycles
more infos:
his soundclound

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