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paul simon 50 ways to leave your lover (pollyn’s edit)
nightmoves beat this
ogris debris raid the itch
pix robert longo

  1. Pollyn's edit of 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover is a prime example of how creative the re-edit can be in the right hands, the tight snare roll provides a rolling backdrop to Simon's soft melancholic numeric plea….very impressive. I got the 'Give It Up' single from Pollyn last year and the 'Everything But The Girl' style delivery really impressed me, far more than mere copyists and the Simon's edit shows just how damned talented they are.

    Cool to see you picking something other than 'Transdance' off the Nightmoves EP! The title track 'Nightmoves' is actually my favourite of them all, its hard to tell if it was recorded last week or 26 years ago, just the way I like it!


  2. how cool is that!
    i really love your blog, u r on my blogroll ;-)



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