Crème brûlée #4 : La New Wave Française

This month Creme Brulee explores the french new wave scene, a handful of “chic et moderne” bands who were the first french musicians getting attention from the international music newspapers in the early eighties. Long time before Daft Punk, bands like Taxi Girl were reviewed in the NME… The french new wave scene was a kind of pre-french touch. We asked some non boring experts to share their extened knowledge on the subject: Alexis Bernier, editor in chief of Tsugi Magazine and JB Wizz, head of french label Born Bad who released the excellent “Bipp” compilation, dedicated to the french synth wave scene last year. Creme Brulee also talk to Thierry Muller, one of the most gifted musicians of the scene, who released the “Ruth” album, wich is a super cult classic nowadays. Last but not least, Creme Brulee also asked a true new wave specialist to select one hour of french new wave : The Hacker (of Miss Kittin fame). These 3 hours of french new wave will surely “shake your molecules”! Bon Voyage.

Crème brûlée #4 : La New Wave Française part 1
Crème brûlée #4 : La New Wave Française part 2
Crème brûlée #4 : La New Wave Française part 3 (exclusive french new wave selection by the hacker)

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  1. Guillermo,
    si l'aimable proposition faite chez Paul autour d'un Croze Hermitage tient toujours, alors j'attend ton Yousendit…
    Il faudra certes compter sur la collaboration des employés de numericable…

    Merci d'avance!


  2. Une série d'émissions bricolées autour de morceaux New-Wave et d'autres choses susceptibles de plaire à ce genre de jeunes gens qui aiment ce genre de chansons :


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    Is this possible?



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