Ecstasy shining down on me

Once, in 2000 i suppose, i saw this amazing bear called Cylob (from Rephlex) playing this dumb Shut Up and Dance at Sonar, 8 o’ clock in the morning in front of the dodgems, while Laurent Garnier and Plastikman were doing bumper cars!!! Memories are made of this. Best remix known of a 1992 massive english rave hit, by the way, largely inspired by a 1991′s Marc Cohn’s néo Springsteen rock FM song. For true balearic lovers, and for our man Pilooski (he knows why).

Shut up and dance – Raving i’m raving (remix)
Marc Cohn – Walking in Memphis

pix – Nikolai Bakharev


  1. C'est vraiment ce dont j'ai envie en 2010, de la rave, de la new beat, de l'acid, du rough et de l'esprit… Go on babes…



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