Jonas Mekas Interview (via Brain)

Who do you think you are ?
I am what I am.

What turns you on?
About everything.

What is your favorite word?
The word “field”. It comes very often to my mind and I have no idea why.

Have you driven anyone insane ?
No but I think I’ve helped a good number of people to avoid insanity. I have that ability. If any of you is afraid of getting insane or wants to commit suicide, come to me. I will prove to you that there is nothing better than life.

Have you made a practice of confusing people?
No, sometime there’s a game in conversation, I prentend to say one thing or another but it’s a provocation or a way to make a point clear. I don’t want to confuse people.

What should everyone shut up about ?
Several things: economic crisis, terrorism, religion, money, war…

What advice should you have taken, but did not?
I’m happy about all those advices that I did not take. It permitted my life to develop with no control, by itself. I never know where I’m gonna go next. Even now.

What do you fear most ?
That we run out of wine. That would be very bad.

How would you like to die ?
Dreaming. Sleeping or not sleeping.

What is your earliest memory ?
I’m in a potatoes field, potatoes are blooming like flowers and there’s a very subtle smell. I’m like two years old. I manage to get from the table an empty can of honey. And I’m licking that can of honey in the potatoe field. I still can feel and smell this field. Potatoe field it’s like poetry.

Do you collect anything ?
I don’t collect anything, but I do not throw out anything that comes into my life.

What five words best describe you ?
Wine, dance, song, women… is there another one ? Paris !

What is your worst addiction ?
Make friends. I couldn’t live without friends. Life would be too boring.

Where were you last night at midnight ?
I was walking in the rainy streets of Paris to meet and spend the evening with my friends, to whom this exhibition is dedicated.

Who is your worst enemy ?
The devil.

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery ?
I have a problem with what’s known as misery. One would say hunger. Misery is something else. When Soviets marched in Litunia in 1940, their official statement was : « we are here to take you out of your misery. » Our misery ? We were singing, we were living happy, we didn’t need any money, we grew in the field all the food that we needed. So misery is very relative.

Who are your favorite heroes of fiction ?
Bogart, Mychkine (l’Idiot de Dostoievsky)… I have many, but I don’t think about such things.

What did your last text message say ?
My last text message was written on the wall of the Galerie du Jour, and it said : « Keep singing »

If you try to fail and succeed, which have you done ?
I never try to fail, I never try to succeed, so that question does not apply to me.

What are your weaknesses ?
Probably many. I’m very easy to influence, I manage to come to the point where I’m totally open. That means I’m always in a state of weakness so anything can fall into me. In general, I’m « Weakness Inc. »

Who is your art for ?
I don’t consider myslef an artist, but a maker. Who knows what art is ?

What was your proudest moment ?
Maybe it’s now ! I’m very proud to be in Paris, and with you my friends.

What was your last lie ?
I think it was when I was seventeen, I told to my uncle, who was a pastor, that I wanted to be a priest like him. I knew it was a lie. Once a month I remember it.

What is your biggest challenge ?
Now. « One thousand nights and a night » I think it’s the most difficult project I’ve ever done. The other is to complete the Anthology film archive, this cathedral of avant-garde cinéma, that I founded years ago.

What is your most treasured possession ?
My unfinished films. My thousands of video tapes, sound recordings and film rolls, all that material that I didn’t work on yet. And a few books…

What do your parent think of what you are doing ?
They allways approved me. They were very supportive…

A few things I want to share with you, my Paris friends/Galerie du Jour/16.05-09-20.06.09

  1. Jonas Mekas est une arnaque Bobo


  2. c’est donc le seul commentaire à propos de Jonas Mekas auquel on à affaire ici : c’est “une arnaque Bobo”. point barre.

    ok, chouette.



  3. c’est sur que se pignoler en faisant des coments sur abdl malik c’est plus simple… c’est dingue de voir à quel point un post facilement polémique déchaine les gens alors que du contenu intéréssant provoque l’effet inverse…


  4. Oui, c’est bien triste. Mais pour avoir écrit ça (arnaque machin), il faut n’avoir jamais vu une seconde de Walden, ou de He stands in the desert…. pauvre anonyme (et qui méritere bien de le rester), qui confond Mekas avec ceux qui l’exposent…



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