Crème Brûlée #2 : French Psychedelic

Ever since back in the 50s, France has been a fertile ground for genuinely out there (and oftentimes well dressed) music. Disco, house, french-touch, psyche, library music, folk, avant-garde, pop, new-wave, techno… the list goes on. Since lists don’t do your ears much good, here is Creme Brulee, inviting you to revisit the classics or dive headfirst into the french electronic underground. Straight into the music that came forward from the margins and ended up moving the rebels and the bourgeoisie alike. This month Creme Brulee dig deep inside the vaults of the French psychedelic scene, from the seventies experimental folk masters (Alpes, Gong), the outerworld musical universe of Magma to the forefront of the new psyche scene, an alternative french touch (Zombie Zombie, Koudlam) that has gained worlwide acclaim in a few months. This three hours sonic odyssey is musical statement that features rare archive material, interviews with non boring specialists (Turzi, Etienne Jaumet and more), cult classics and obscure discoveries. Have a good trip.

Pour ceux qui parlent français, 3 heures de podcast autour de la scène psychédélique française. Un voyage :

également, une excellente émission autour de la musique black, drivée de main de maitre par Blackjoy :

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  1. Merci à Pan European Recording pour abreuver nos oreilles et nos âmes de psychedelisme contemporain et novateur.
    Koudlam rend tout ça accessible sans devenir Mainstream.
    Bravo et merci,




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