hallucinations of Edie

a small mix for a sunny day.

Commissioned by ‘UNDER THE INFLUENCE’ magazine (coming soon) for a ‘Grey gardens’ special issue.

the music

1. Doctor says ‘huh’ 1978
the text is originally performed before re-edits by Gail Williams of
the Cincinnati Artists Group Effort (C.A.G.E.) background music is a
classic melancholic track from soundtrack maestro Bruno Nicolai
(Morricone’s mentor) from a rare music library lp (CAM 1070).

2. Kenward Elmslie ‘the woolworth song’ 1978 NY
Kenward’s poetry and prose is often combined with the graphical work
of other artists. A collection of his writing, Motor Disturbance
(1971), won the Frank O’Hara Award for Poetry in 1971. Here we hear
that the boy can sing.

3.Erik Thygesen – Passions-Surfaces – For Cecilia Stam 1968
Madam stam made her début at the Eurovision song contest, here she is
guided by Swedish Erik, a man of stories, essays and translations. a
sentimental piece on the eternal triangle. once again the added
background music is from my library of library musics.

4. Arne Mellnäs – Far Out (Portrait Of Laura Nyro) 1969
swedish composer Arne Mellnäs delivers a wonderful tribute to song
legend Laura Nyro – Todd Rundgren famously stated that, once he heard
her, he “stopped writing songs like The Who and started writing songs
like Laura”. go todd..
nyro is mixed with the poetry of Mona Da Vinci – excerpt from “the
sacred wood art: the last super of Mona Da Vinci” NY 74 a true pioneer
of feminist based art.

5.Anthony J. Gnazzo – hisnia & Hernia – CA 1975
a beautiful piece from avant garde poet extraordinaire. Joined on
re-edited Drums and electronic by Teutonic drummer Klaus Weiss from an
lp called ’27’ – vegetable poet novelist on cello.

6.Jackie Curtis – ‘have yourself a merry little Christmas” NY 1976
yes, the one and only. It seemed so right to end with this for the spring issue.

  1. fantastic.


  2. “Je me reveille une enieme fois dans une nouvelle ville, laquelle j’en sais rien, vu que l’international des catering a été uniformisée, et que la visite ne s’impose pas. La salle sent encore la sueur d’hier, charmant. Jemina se décide enfin a aller acheter des clopes, elle me fait marrer a maudire la pluie, le froid et le rock’n’roll”.

    Arthur “Fluo” Rimbaud /1870.


  3. Please, Someone tell me where I can get a hold of that first track

    Doctor Says ‘huh’



  4. Intemporel,les rencontres library et poésie,
    le morceau derrière “Erik Thygesen – Passions-Surfaces” me taraude beaucoup.(le premier full of cinématic vibes ).
    Feeling the staxs of yours.



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