I∆O Psychedelic Explorations in France, 1968 – ∞

I∆O Psychedelic Explorations in France, 1968 – ∞

28.11.2008 – 08.03.2009

CAPC musée d’art contemporain
Entrepôt Lainé. 7 rue Ferrère. F-33000 Bordeaux
T. : +33 (0)5 56 00 81 50

Somewhere between an exhibition, an event, an installation, a stage and a sculpture, I∆O is an attempt to exhibit the psychedelic experience. Today, a new generation of artists is drawing from the springs of historical psychedelia and ushering in what has been called the third psychedelic revolution – the second one being the emergence of the electronic culture in the late 1980s. As of now, based on the notion of experience – and experiment – I∆O represents the first light ever shed on psychedelia as understood from the french context and its many international ramifications. After a three-day festival, the space – abandoned, as if awaiting something – is filled with just a series of traces. Films, light shows relics, dias, press material and photographs, posters and flyers, stage props, records, books, magazines and comics, archives of happening and works of art… become like scores for a series of concerts, screenings, talks and specific artists’ projects which will take place, during three months in CAPC’ nave.

Curators : Yann Chateigné, Axelle & Tiphanie Blanc. Installation : Lili Reynaud Dewar. Concerts : Maxime Guitton (ali_fib gigs). Films: Bertrand Grimault (association Monoquini). Identité visuelle / Visual identity : Laurent Fétis.

I∆O Festival ((( (( (∞) )) )))
28, 29, 30.11.2008 / CAPC musée d’art contemporain

line up : www.myspace.com/iaofestival


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