Invisible Conga People Interview

1- who do you think you are ?

justin isaac simon

3- what is your favorite word?


4- what sound or noise do you love?

the sound the ticket machines on the trams in prague make when they print the date on your ticket

5- have you driven anyone insane?

one person. terrible regret.

6- have you ever made a practice of confusing people?

certainly not.

8- what advice should you have taken, but did not?

live in rural nara instead of tokyo (college professor)

10- how would you like to die?

in my sleep at age 111.

11- what is your earliest memory?

grabbing stringy sofa in south orange new jersey

12- do you collect anything?

tomokawa kazuki records

13- what is your most recent extravagance?

went to europe to see my friends yura yura teikoku play

14- what five words best describe you?

“wish i had a wife”

15- what is your worst addiction?


16- what were you doing at midnight last night?

at doctor friend’s apartment discussing pros/cons of connecticut.

17- who is your worst enemy?

Justing Imans Shimon

20- who are your favorite heroines in real life?

phew (japanese singer)

22- what did your last text message say that you received?

“11th and b”

23- If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?


24- what are your weaknesses ?

bad knees, respiratory trouble, bad cough, frequent throat trouble

25- Who is your art for ?

people who like music

27- what was your last lie ?

sometimes if something takes me a really long time and i tell others about it i’ll exaggerate, like if it took 3 hours i’ll say it took five. but i decided recently i should stop doing that.

28- what is your biggest challenge ?

making my music better

29- who’s underrated / overrated ?

underrated – phew

31- what is your most treasured possession ?

maybe first pressing of aunt sally record (phew’s first band)

32- what do your parents think of what you are doing ?

they are very kind and supportive


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  1. Sa musique est très belle, il finira par trouver une femme



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