PHOTONZ / dirty party

finkielkraut massives,
for those who are in paris this friday, get prepared for a new episode of our monthly residency at le paris paris : this time we invite the mighty photonz, coming straight from lisboa. their new track has been remixed by the infamous midnight mike and it rocks as hell.

photonz “our fable – mickey moonlight mix
photonz myspace

guestlist : send an email to with “
finkielkraut massive”in the subject line.

  1. yeah, don’t miss this chance!

    portugal’s best kept secret…but not for long
    (told ya markur).

    força aí!


  2. photonz are great! their stuff is really some of the best in portugal.

    good luck to them 😉


  3. I swear we didn’t pay them to write these comments!!! not even one beer! we should though..


  4. wish i was there.



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