For fans of underground club music, the name Pilooski may call to mind some of his classic remix works for prominent acts such as Daft Punk, The Rapture and Junior Senior. But the Paris-born DJ/producer has recently made a step away from the dancefloors to explore ambient and cinematic territories with the release of his debut album Isola on D.KO Records.

The album, co-produced by Smagghe & Cross, takes on an understated beauty as it explores a wide range of warm and captivating electronic styles. From glitchy beats to drone-style soundscapes, each track is imbued with Pilooski’s originality and endearing eccentricities. Highlights include the shimmering synth-pop number “Unknown Color” and the glitchy breakbeats of “Desir Al Duende,” both of which showcase Pilooski’s unique production chops. Other tracks such as the woozy “Haze” and the warmly emotive “Lost Again” possess a dreamlike quality that will enchant listeners with its heartfelt melodies and subtle electronic flourishes.

Overall, Isola is an exceptionally strong debut album from Pilooski – one that is sure to captivate fans of downtempo electronica as well as more traditional dance music listeners. It’s a meditative affair that showcases Pilooski’s knack for creating hypnotic atmospheres that lie at the heart of all great electronic music.

Pilooski, the French-Danish duo of brothers Guillaume and Paul de Bodt, recently released their fifth album titled Isola. It is a sublime mix of electro R&B, pop, funk and disco that stays true to the duo’s discerning taste for mellow vibes, but this latest record is a step outside of the traditional electronic music world to create something emotionally charged.

The tracks on Isola offer a fresh twist to Pilooski’s original compositions, with brighter synthesizers and jazzy undertones. The two brothers bring new elements to the production such as heavy basslines, dreamy synths and gentle vocal harmonies. The atmosphere on tracklistings such as “It’s You” and “Rock With Me” gives off authentic mid-90s nostalgia.

Isola is an album crafted in many months of hard work with an attention to detail that is rarely seen today among pop/electronic music producers. Pilooski has managed to strike a perfect balance between originality and accessibility while conjuring up feel-good beats that make great listening throughout. Fans of classic chillwave, synthpop or alt-disco will certainly find plenty to appreciate here. Alternatively, it’s also the perfect record for anyone looking to enjoy energetic yet calming music without getting too serious.

With their fifth release, the talented duo are once again showing that they bring something unique and special to the music scene – one listen and you’ll be in love!

A triumphant return to the electronic music scene, Pilooski’s new EP Isola sees his signature sound explored in unprecedented depth. This outstanding release celebrates the start of Pilooski’s new label, Rockon Kollectif, by combining the unmistakable influence of his past music with a forward-thinking approach.

From funky beats to house and ambient textures, Isola takes you on a journey of experimental soundscapes. The title track is an epic seven minutes comprised of thumping percussion and lush synths, gradually building towards a dramatic crescendo before fading back into melancholic bliss. The vibrant synths and intricate rhythms follow on ‘Dali’ and ‘Hosanna’, departing from his signature style with a jazzier tone. This diversity serves as a testament to the artist’s creative vision and allows him to bring something fresh and unique to the genre.

The true highlight of this EP is ‘Jazzing Around’, a tender yet dark piece that demonstrates just how talented Pilooski is as an electronic producer. Featuring echoing synths and distant strings, the warmth of this song engulfs you in a tranquil atmosphere that takes you away until the very end. These mesmerizingly textured offerings are tied together with crafty beats and ear-catching melodies, effortlessly blending his past eclectic sounds with modern elements.

Pilooski has made a powerful comeback to the mainstream with Isola, showcasing his innovative production abilities whilst maintaining his signature style. Fans old and new will find plenty of joy in this release – it promises to be one of the best electronic music projects so far this year.