Populette is Andrew Potter & Max Pasq. They’re from NYC, & they’ve been showing great creative skills with their 1st 12″ for Throne OF Blood last year & upcoming remixes for The Rapture (DFA), Black Strobe, Turbo or again Plant record.

What turns you on ?

A:My girlfriend’s legs. Her voice.
M:when you call me “Darling”

What is your favorite word ?


What sound or noise do you love ?

A:The sound of rain hitting the air conditioner, and Max’s Arp 2600.

Have you driven anyone insane ?

A:Yes, I think so.
M:Most likely

Have you ever made a practice of confusing people ?

A:No need for practice. I think it comes naturally!
M:I like to confuse James Friedman’s cats

What should everyone shut up about ?

A:How much they go to the gym, or how they are a “foodie”
M:Reality TV

What advice should you have taken, but did not ?

A:To go easy on myself.
M:Don’t smoke Don’t drink Don’t get on that motorcycle Don’t go too fast on that skateboard

What is your vital daily ritual ?

A:Reading. Music.

What do you fear most ?

A:Being misunderstood. Oh, and clowns.

How would you like to die ?

A:In my sleep or in an explosion.

What is your earliest memory ?

A:Getting a swimming lesson in Florida during a thunderstorm when I was
1 year old. Surprisingly, I love being in the water.
M:No idea man…the 80’s were so crazy, it’s all a blur…

Do you collect anything ?

A:Synths, books, music, scars
M:lost keys, lost wallets, lost glasses, lost jackets

A fundamental thinker ?

A:I’ve been known to change my mind if there is a good argument.
M:Homer Simpson

What is your most recent extravagance ?

A:I ate at McDonalds last night and then watched a fist fight between
the McDonald’s manager and a thug over a girl.
M:15$ for a bottle of Kriek Cerise

What five words best describe you?

A:Kind, wizardly, smart, funny, flawed

What is your worst addiction ?


What were you doing at midnight last night ?

M:having a good time in Nantucket

Who is your worst enemy ?

A:Not sure I have one. If you’re out there, let me know who you are!
M:That would be me.

Who are your favorite heroes of fiction ?

A:Gandalf, Morrissey, Papillon
M:Anybody that came out of Marcel Gotlib’s head.

Who are your favorite heroines in real life ?

A:My girlfriend, my mom
M:Mom is an all time favorite, and at the moment i have a special spot for Patti Smith, I’m reading “Just Kids” and i highly recommend it.

Who would you have liked to be ?

M:Albert Einstein

They also have new music coming out in november on Throne Of Blood, check it here:

Populette: Lasers are forever



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