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New Hollie Mix Series by Noblazoblij

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Listen to the new Hollie Records: Nirosta Steel a.k.a. Steven Hall “Foxy Pup”. Produced & mixed by Arthur Russell (he also plays on them) and engineered by Bob Blank in 1985, these three songs were found in Arthur’s archive, and digitally transferred by Audika Records. They were made for Steven Hall solo project for Rough Trade but never released.

You can order it here
Sleeve by M/M (Paris)

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Listen to the two new records on Hollie !
First one, is the 7″ of Nirosta Steel (Steven Hall from Arthur’s Landing)
Artwork by M/M (Paris)

Nirosta Steel - Hollie Records

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Second one, is the first 12″ of Phnom Pehn, an instrumental disco band from Japan, includes the Dr Dunks Mix !

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listen on Wow website or download here (via soundcloud)

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