the finkielkrautrock 2010 poll

artist of the year ? Art Department, just one single that says it all. Gavin Russom: DIY & inspiration.
single of the year ? Philippe Sarde: “Après Sète”. No, we don’t need an edit of this. NDF: “Since we last met”, is when the party starts.
album of the year ? Caribou: Swim. Just perfect.
remix of the year ? who really cares about remixes nowadays?
dj of the year ? DG, “for those who know”.
book of the year ? “A Werner Schroeter qui n’avait pas peur de la mort”.Philippe Azoury. Some guy i know went to the same school as him. “The wall of Sound” Mick Brown.One of the best movie i ever read.
party / gig of the year ? La brocante du Carreau du Temple/Paris, Nice 50’s furnitures, Excellent hotdogs.
blog / website of the year ? Surreal Moviez, The beat (again)
hero of the year ? JB Wizz. “Avec sa bite et son couteau”.
looser of the year ? Eveyone is a winner.
swindle of the year ? Holidays.
hot in 2011 ? Tristesse Contemporaine, The Aikiu, Léonie Pernet, Art Department, Sauna.

artist of the year ? Gavin Russom (pour sa compréhension totale de l’homme, du sel et du cactus, et pour son utilisation du mot El Viento)
single of the year ? Chamboche « Ipso Facto » (pourquoi cette merveille n’a été repéré par personne ou presque ?), Crystal Ark : « The city never sleeps », DJ Koze : « Rue Burn Out », Art Department : « Without You », Discodeine : «Singular », David Bowie : « Letter to Hermione » (sorti en 1969 ? pas grave…)
album of the year ? Ben Klock « Berghain 4 », MGMT « Congratulations » ; Tame Impala « Innerspeaker »
remix of the year ? Ettiem « Teeth in the rug » (Cosmo Vitelli edit) ; Violens «Acid Reign » (In the trees mix) , Quad Throw Salchow : the unwelcome guest (Not on the list IS extended)
dj of the year ? Harvey, lors de sa venue à Paris en août. Derrière la légende, on en avait presque oublié qu’il savait AUSSI mixer.
book of the year ? Takuma Nakahira, « For a language to come » (Osiris), Iain Sinclair « London Orbital »(Inculte)
party / gig of the year ? Fuck Buttons à la Villette Sonique le 6 juin – d’une certaine façon, l’année s’est arrêtée là… some Cactus after en appart au festival de Cannes, un set de Gilbert à Geneve.
blog / website of the year ? The Beat, Joseph Ghosn, Crocnique, DiD,
hero of the year ? la méphédrone. Werner Schroeter (R.I.P.), Karine Charpentier
looser of the year ? Toute la chaîne de production du cinéma doublée par un appareil photo Canon 5d en mode movie. Bien fait, et qu’on ne vous revoit plus jamais, les professionnels de la profession.
swindle of the year ? Ce maudit journal…
hot in 2011 ? Tu me prends pour Madame Irma, ou quoi ?

artist of the year ? Arcade Fire
single of the year ? Arcade Fire – We Used To Wait
album of the year ? Tame Impala – Innerspeaker
remix of the year ? Visti & Meyland – Stars ( Rodion & Mamarella remix ) / Canyons – My rescue ( Dr Dunks Disco Extention )
dj of the year ? DJ Harvey ( Europe comeback )
book of the year ? My Personal Diary
party / gig of the year ? Libertine – Supersport Club / Brussels
blog / website of the year ? / / Alainfinkielkrautrock
hero’s of the year ? My kids, Romy & Rio!
looser of the year ? The Church
swindle of the year ? BP Oil Leak – Gulf Of Mexico
hot in 2011 ? Relish Recordings – Abracada Records

artist of the year ? Janelle Monae
singles of the year ? Caribou – “Odessa” / The Crystal Ark – “The City Never Sleep”/ Ariel Pink – “Round & Round”
albums of the year ? Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Before Today” / No Age – “Everything in Between” / Tame Impala – “Innerspeaker”
remix of the year ? A Few Things From Ivan Smagghe…
dj of the year ? Art Departement
book of the year ? Pauline Kael – “Chroniques Américaines” – “Chroniques Européennes” / Philippe Azoury “A Werner Shroeter qui n’avait pas peur de la mort”
party / gig of the year ? Narumi’s Birthday / Janelle Monae – Maroquinerie
blog / website of the year ? Surrealmoviez
hero of the year ? Abel G.
looser of the year ? Mark Zuckerberg in “The Social Network”
swindle of the year ? Sufjan Stevens (tu veux pas te remettre au banjo mec?)
hot in 2011 ? Discodeine / Tristesse Contemporaine

artist of the year ? Taylor Swift
single of the year ? anything written by Dr Luke
album of the year ? The Suburbs
remix of the year ? Kuar (Henrik Schwarz remix)
dj of the year ? Tiesto Van Guetta
book of the year ? The NY Times
party / gig of the year ? Rubulad Brooklyn last party ever (RIP)
blog / website of the year ?
hero of the year ? Don Draper
looser of the year ? Electro
swindle of the year ? Black Eyed Peas
hot in 2011 ? giving away music for free

artist of the year ? Matthew Dear
single of the year ? Art Department “Without You”
album of the year ? Chloe “One In Other”
remix of the year ? Bot’Ox “Blue Steel” I:Cube Remix
dj of the year ? Ivan Smagghe
book of the year ? Emmanuel Carrère “D’autres vies que la mienne”
party / gig of the year ? Ivan Smagghe all night long @ Point Ephemere
blog / website of the year ?
hero of the year ? Julian Assange
looser of the year ? Nicolas Sarkozy
swindle of the year ? LCD Soundsystem
hot in 2011 ? Nicolas Jaar’s album


artist of the year ? Dj Harvey / Locussolus
single of the year ? MGMT “Siberian Breaks”, The Samps “F.X.N.C.”
album of the year ? Tame Impala, The Laughing Light Of Plenty
remix of the year ? Midnight Magic “Beam Me Up” (Jacques Renault Remix)
dj of the year ? Dj Harvey, Eric Duncan
book of the year ? “Night Dancin'”
party / gig of the year ? Bridget St John (Les Voûtes), Scout Niblett (Point Ephémère)
blog / website of the year ?
hero of the year ? Hype Williams, Salem
looser of the year ? business as usual
swindle of the year ? 🙂
hot in 2011 ? Gala Drop, Social Studies ….


Artist: Connan Mockasin
Single (at home): Connan Mockasin – It’s Choad My Dear
Single (in the club): Carte Blanche – Gare du Nord
LP 1 – Dolphins Into The Future – Ke Ala Ke Ku
LP 2 – Hype Williams – Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite, And Start Gettin’ Reel
CD – Dolphins Into The Future – The Music of Belief
Cassette – Marcel Türkowsky / Dolphins Into The Future – In Search Of The Miraculous / Fourth Possible Musics
MP3s – Connan Mockasin – Please Turn Me Into The Snat (vinyl soon)!
Re-issue: Timber Timbre – Timber Timbre. Originally released in 2009 by Arts & Craft. This is probably my fav album of the decade!
Remix: Gonzales – Never Stop (Erol Alkan Rework)
DJ: 2 DJs are having a meal. One says to the other “Do you want to come and see ‘There Will Be Blood’ at the cinema tomorrow?”
“Hmm, I’m not sure. Who’s the projectionist?”
Book: Walking To Hollywood by Will Self
Party: Private Party Pelu Tolo launch with Zongamin performing Interplanetary Music.
Website: wikileaks
Hero: All the losers.
Looser: All those who think they’re heros.
Hot in 2011: Zongamin (the return), Marina Gasolina, Hypnolove.

artist of the year ? Janelle Monae, Ariel Pink, Caribou
single of the year ? Delia Gonzales & Gavin Russom “track 5” / NDF “since last we met” / Art Department “without you” / Neil Young “love and war”
album of the year ? Gonja Sufi / MGMT / Tame Impala / Violens / Ariel Pink
remix of the year ? Hot Chip “Brothers – Caribou remix”
dj of the year ? seth troxler
book of the year ? Michel Houellebecq “la carte et le territoire” and everything by Joan Didion
party / gig of the year ? Vava Dudu backstage aftershow at Social Club / Distorsion – Copenhagen like every year since 10 years
blog / website of the year ?
hero of the year ? Stephane Hessel, Neil Young like every year since……
looser of the year ? Bret Easton Ellis
swindle of the year ? Arnaud Fleurent Didier, Kanye West, Nouvelle Vague again, Abd Al Malik and so many too mention
hot in 2011 ? Hype Williams, Ras G, Zongamin, Nicolas Jaar, Joie noire, Tristesse Contemporaine and of course Discodeine

artist of the year ? Kanye West
single of the year ? Discodeine : “Singular”
album of the year ? Superpitcher : “Kilimandjaro” (Kompakt)
remix of the year ? The XX : “Basic Space (Pariah Remix)”
dj of the year ? Ben Klock
book of the year ? “My Name Is Charles Saatchi And I Am An Artoholic” (Phaidon)
party / gig of the year ? “Distortion” (Copenhague)
blog / website of the year ?
hero of the year ? Jean Genet
looser of the year ? Alex Chilton
swindle of the year ? Wikileaks
hot in 2011 ? Bulge


  1. artist of the year ? Kollektiv Turmstrasse
    single of the year ? Discodeine : "Singular"
    album of the year ? Rebellion Der Träumer
    remix of the year ? The Throning – Hype Williams (kind of a remix? like staccato remix of Sade i reckon..)
    dj of the year ? DJ Harvey
    book of the year ? Keep Calm and Drink Up
    party / gig of the year ? don't know yet
    blog / website of the year ? LexisNexis
    hero of the year ? Obama
    looser of the year ? Obama
    swindle of the year ? swindlers
    hot in 2011 ? self-sufficiency and love/respect for others


  2. artist of the year ? Nicolaas Jaar
    single of the year ? Lord Huron – Into The Sun
    album of the year ? Caribou: Swim
    remix of the year ? The Chemical Brothers – Swoon (Lindstrom and Prins Thomas Remix)
    dj of the year ? Silvio Berlusconi
    book of the year ? 1984
    party / gig of the year ? Liquid Liquid & Neu! @ Primavera
    blog / website of the year ? Wikileaks
    looser of the year ? freedom
    swindle of the year ? bp oil spill
    hot in 2011 ? Dumbo Gets Mad. James Blake. Discodeine.

    happy everything.


  3. artist of the year? Blu pour la fresque réalisée à côté de chez moi [ ].
    single of the year? Tout passe, tout lasse, tout casse de Bot'Ox.
    album of the year? XXX de Jimmy Edgar.
    remix of the year? Le remix d'Heaven de Kasper Bjørke par Nicolas Jarr, ou bien le It's a Fine Line Mix de Singular.
    dj of the year? Le gars qui mixé le Eccentric Breaks and Beats sorti chez Numero Group.
    book of the year? N/A.
    party/gig of the year? Les 70 ans de ma mamie, Fuck Buttons @ Astropolis.
    blog/website of the year?,
    hero of the year? Alain Finkielkraut.
    looser of the year? Kenny Powers.
    loss of the year? Willie Mitchell (RiP).
    swindle of the year? Je sais pas ça veut dire c'est quoi, « swindle ».
    hot in 2011? L'été.

    Je vous fais des bisous. À l'année prochaine.


  4. artist of the year ? Dominik Von Senger
    single of the year ? Crystal Ark – City Never sleeps
    album of the year ? This Is Head – 0001
    remix of the year ? Caribou – Leave House (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
    dj of the year ? Rebeca & Fiona
    book of the year ? Yasmina Khadra – Ce que le jour doit à la nui (out in swedish this year)
    party / gig of the year ? Mulatu Asteke at Vega
    blog / website of the year ?
    hero of the year ? wikileaks
    looser of the year ? Obama
    swindle of the year ? Kayne West, BP
    hot in 2011 ? James Blake

    more music :


  5. artist of the year? RIP Captain Beefheart
    single of the year? Portishead "Chase The Tear"
    album of the year? Field Music "Measure" , Sun Araw "On Patrol"
    remix of the year? tous les remixes signés Witchmasters
    dj of the year? DJ Ernesto Carnaval
    book of the year? John French "Through the eyes of Magic"
    party/gig of the year? les deux soirées pour les 10 ans du label Clapping Music à l'Interantional et au Point FMR, PAris
    blog/website of the year? Facebook
    hero of the year? Banksy
    looser of the year? la presse musicale
    swindle of the year? Salem, Deerhunter, Daft Tron, Zola Jesus etc etc
    hot in 2011? Orval Carlos Sibelius, Odd Future


  6. artist of the year ? Caribou
    single of the year ? Breakbot – Baby Im yours
    album of the year ? Matthew Dear – Black City
    remix of the year ? Gossi – Heavy Cross (siriusmo rmx)
    dj of the year ? DJ Harvey
    book of the year ? Supreme Book
    party / gig of the year ? Whitest Boy Alive @ guadalajara (mexique)
    blog / website of the year ?
    hero of the year ? La France
    looser of the year ? La France
    swindle of the year ? Uffie
    hot in 2011 ?Discodeine, Sebastien Tellier


  7. artist of the year ? Azari and III, Kurt Vile
    single of the year ? Coma Cat
    album of the year ? Beach House – Teen Dream, Arcade Fire – The Suburbs, Ariel Pink – Before Today
    remix of the year ? Beam Me Up – Jacques Renault remix
    dj of the year ? Anyone still playing lots of vinyl
    book of the year ? Charles Willeford – I was looking for a street
    party / gig of the year ? didnt get out much
    blog / website of the year ? butdoesitfloat
    hero of the year ? julian asange, natalie portman
    looser of the year ? Rob Ford
    swindle of the year ? Kayne West!!!!
    hot in 2011 ? Vinyl, your mom


  8. Artist of the year ?
    Dion DiMucci

    Single of the year ?
    The Bees "I Really Need Love"

    Album of the year ?
    Bernard Lavilliers "Causes Perdues et Musique Tropicale"

    Remix of the year ?
    "See You All" by Turzi

    DJ of the year ?
    Geko Jones

    Book of the year ?
    Book of Dave

    Gigs of the year ?
    Collectif Sin – Fever Ray – Les enfants de l'Ecole Maternelle des Cloÿs

    Blog of the year ?
    Les Introuvables

    Website of the year ?

    Hero of the year ?
    Alex Chilton forever

    Looser of the year ?
    Whoever spells "loser" with two Os

    Swindle of the year ?
    "In this economy, …"

    Hot in 2011 ?
    White Ring, Nicolas Jaar


  9. -1 album of the year :
    -1987- TALL DWARFS "Dogma" (kiwi rock)

    -2 songs of the years :
    -1972- LUCIFER "Don't Care" (Outsiders)
    -1980- TOMMY JAY "Memories" (D.I.Y. genius)

    -3 blogs of the year 2010 :
    -EXP ECT

    -4 winners of the year :
    -le mediator
    -laurent gbagbo
    -le glycol

    (in loosers list next year)


  10. faut ajouter dans les meilleurs blogs de l'année.


  11. artist of the year ?

    single of the year ?
    sid lerock "swollen member"

    album of the year ?
    quentin sirjacq "la chambre claire"

    remix of the year ?
    fuck buttons "olympians (j. spaceman remix)"
    big daddy's dead "bender (maxime iko remix)"

    book of the year ?

    gig of the year ?
    former ghosts + zola jesus + xiu xiu @ fondation cartier

    blog / website of the year ?

    hero of the year ?
    freddy ruppert

    swindle of the year ?
    tame impala

    hot in 2011 ?
    (pareil que philippe)


  12. Yes Jon, how could i forget James Blake? This is where the melancholy was in 2010…


  13. artist of the year ?
    J.M Basquiat

    single of the year ?

    album of the year ?
    The Black Keys- Brothers

    remix of the year ?
    Bot'ox-Blue steel ( Still going remix )

    dj of the year ?
    Harvey and Richard Sen

    book of the year ?
    Le bon vieux catalogue de la redoute entre les rouleaux et le balai à chiottes…Toujours aussi efficace.

    party / gig of the year ?
    Harvey in Paris and Vincent Tajan's house party with Benjamin Vidal, Alexis le Tan and the Lovefingers.

    blog / website of the year ?

    hero of the year ?
    Harvey in Paris

    looser of the year ?
    Dirk de Ruyck in my Mini who misses his thalys @ 6:30 am Gare du Nord ! Nice one Moustache Knowledge !

    swindle of the year ?
    Aeroplane. What else ?

    hot in 2011 ?
    Discodeine, Connan Mockassin, The Rapture and Get a room!


  14. The Finkielkrautrock poll 2010

    Artist of the year ? The producer Richard Russell for bringing out of the dead Gil Scott-Heron and making him record the best album of the year after 16 years of silence

    Single of the year ? « Poppin’ (Super turnt up) », Lady G da Real Deal

    Album of the year ? « I’m new here », Gil Scott-Heron

    Remix of the year ? « Cocaine cool », Laid Back & « NY is killing me », Jamie XX

    DJ of the year ? Michel de Trentemoult

    Book of the year ? The Jazz Loft Project, photographs and tapes of W. Eugene Smith from 821 Sixth Avenue 1957-1965

    Party / gig of the year ? Arthur H Piano Solo aux Bouffes du Nord

    Blog / website of the year ?

    Hero of the year ? Cheval blanc, the french Robert Wyatt

    Loser of the year ? La programmation musicale de Radio France = ORTF

    Swindle of the year ? The worldwide sylvesterisation made by any musician having recently discovered keyboards, leave him in peace he deserves it

    Hot in 2011 ? Nicolas Jaar, Matthew Halsall, Andre 3000, Ryan Leslie, Dr Dre


  15. artist of the year: louise bourgeois
    single of the year: traüme – françoise hardy (1965) / jonny – peaches / church song – miracles club
    album of the year: cold waves and minimal electronics vol 1 (compilation) – wierd records / polaroïd roman photo – ruth (1985)
    remix of the year: rien (claude violente remix) – la chatte / suedehead (sparks remix) morrissey
    dj of the year: dont know
    gig of the year: Hole at bataclan/ la femme at la flèche d'or / roxy music and the black angels at rock en seine
    party of the year: some house party in beirut where i was behind the turntables
    blog of the year: / wavesatnight / avant-avant
    hero of the year: jean genet / wikileaks
    looser of the year: les inrocks
    swindle of the year: the great rock'n'roll swindle
    book of the year: ma mort et moi by rené crevel
    hot in 2011: the MUSIC fanzine, bowie's station to station, tristesse contemporaine, la femme, philippe azoury


  16. Mr Rove Dogs, indeed, that morning i was the looser of the year ; ) haha, you forgot to mention that you dropped me at Gare Du Nord, 40 minutes before my train was leaving to Belgium and i still missed it : ) say no more, ….


  17. Dirk !!!!!!

    I didn't forgot to mention, I just thought that nobody was about to believe it 🙂


  18. Artist of the Year// Azari & III
    Single of the Year//http://Crystal Arc – The Tangible presense of the Miraculous/Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Augé – Rubber EP/ Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up
    Album of the Year//Games – That we can play
    Remix of the Year// Billie Jean ( Nico rework)/ Jolene (Northern Retouch)
    Cover of the Year// Peaches – Jhonny (suicide cover)
    Book of The Year//The Coming Insurrection – The Invisible Committee
    Party of the Year//Tripping acid over cocktails @ Violet Hour in Chicago/ Drunk Mall at Happy Dog Gallery
    Drink of the Year// Hum Liqueur
    Website of the Year//
    Swindle of the Year//Salem live
    Looser of the Year// Jack from Salem
    Hot in 2011// VALIS/ THE NORTH


  19. Hello this issue is really concerning. Keep it going friend !


  20. strangers imiples unfriendly strangers.Friendly people look for you and jam, because then you’ll break out the likker anyway. unfriendly people look for your still on ole’ rocky top.I understand a state song, especially in that state, that glorifies that. There’s a lot of resentment about federal moonshining laws, making crimes out of things that should not be, or should at least be up to states.



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