April 2007

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eric weber – how to pick up girls : womens clothing store pick-up
mills michaelhidden satanic messages in rock music 1981

Ukulele Yes!

finkielkraut massives,
we have a new guest mix submitted by our london friends Allez Allez (www.allez-allez.co.uk), Deven Miles is one of their residents and he rocks. check his myspace here. This mix (and the others) will be available for a limited time, you’ve been warned. Next guest : Dirk from Eskimo !

nine inch nails – at the heart of it all (created by aphex twin)
front 242 – body to body (2trax)
chromatics - nite (instrumental)
nitzer ebb- control i’m here (strategic dancefloor initiative mix)
zoo brazil – big sister
chris and cosey – love cuts
suzy andrews - teenage iceage
tones on tail – lions


Metronomy will barge in this fall with a cool Zongamin come Acme Cartoon single called Heartbreaker. Meanwhile this is their idiotic Residents-inspired live at Point FMR. Me like it!

today the sun is shining high in paris and before my ritual morning jogging, i want to share with you my deep love for silly christian music. i think the titles say quite everything.

jogging for jesus
2/ lil markie “diary of an unborn child
3/ aunt bertha and tiny tot calvin “a cowboy for jesus

The Exorcist (1973)

Cruising (1980)


This may be a tad last year but I dig this japanese kraut electro on acid and never expected much of Cornelius in the first place. On top of it all the artwork reminds me of a notorious finkielkrautrocker. So beep it!

Cornelius – Beep it!

finkielkraut massives,

here is a new mix to begin the week, selected by baris k, a lovely underground dj from istanbul. some of you will surely recognize some of the tracks of the selection… if you’re in paris this week, we invite the great dj cosmo (from london) at le paris paris. It’s this friday and you can be guestlisted here.


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