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People always forget, that before being the queen of that fantastic electro-punk-funk-disco-dub, Grace Jones did some amazing tracks with legendary – Mister Disco – Tom Moulton. 

As she’s back with an incredible “Hurricane“, here’s one of my favorite tracks from miss Jones. It’s taken from “Muse“, who’s only avalaible as second hand vinyl (and it’s a shame !). 
The track is called “Suffer” and it’s pure diva disco with kinky lyrics and some really dirty whip sounds. I’m sure it was really big in the gay NY scene at the end of the 70′s. Or I hope so…
Grace Jones “Suffer” – 1979

2 amazing remixes from one of the best electronic dj and producer, Luciano.

Enjoy !

Tim Wright – Thirst ( Luciano’s Dancehall Mix )
Nina Simone – Sinnerman ( Luciano Remix)

Tiedye (Italians do it better) dj mix
01 – Rasa – The greatest one
02 – Graham Nash – Earth & Sky
03 – Renée – Can’t live my life
04 – Alan Tarney – On TV
05 – Eloy – Mirador
06 – Moon Martin – Writing on the wall
07 – The Earons – Land of hunger (Dub version)
08 – Cos/mes – Fanfare Maniac
09 – MUD – Mr Bagatelle
10 – Torkel Rasmusson – Resan

Tiedye is playing on the 4/10/08 at point FMR (paris) for the launch of a new parisian label called Foolhouse, be there or be square. more infos :

mount sims you know how we do
marascia & dusty kid sawless
nina soul ivory black (pfirter mix)


J’aime bien Siriusmo. Cette façon de pas se prendre au sérieux et d’enchaîner tranquillement des tubes pop-funk robotiques qui frôlent le grotesque et cottoient le génial. Ce mec a la classe.

Housemeister: What u want Siriusmo remix.

jucifer l’autrichienne
geiger good evening (supermayer mix)
slayer dead skin mask

a good party next month in paris :

Michael Pagliosa & Clemens Kahlcke, aka Märtini Brös, are celebrating 10 years of dysfunctionnal pop. It’s one of the best electronic group coming from Germany but nobody seems to notice it.

What turns you on?
Mike : Feedbacks.
Cle: Tongue in ear.

What is your favorite word?
Mike : Schnukke.
Cle : Love.

What sound or noise do you love?
Mike : Bootsy Collins bass.
Cle: Moog´s minimoog : analogue and broken.

Have you driven anyone insane?
Mike : Our audience.
Cle: Yeah ! And sometimes each other.

Have you ever made a practice of confusing people?
Mike : Can’t say cause I don’t know.
Cle: Of course ! All the time. That´s part of my life conception ; )

What should everyone shut up about?
Mike : Religion.
Cle: How everything was so much better, when they were young.

What advice should you have taken, but did not?
Mike : Learning french.
Cle: ” Hey guys, don´t forget to install security alarm in your studio! “

What is your vital daily ritual?
Mike : Homemade fresh juice.
Cle: Pink dogs for breakfast.

What do you fear most?
Mike : 10 seconds before the gig.
Cle: Getting lost.

How would you like to die?
Mike : With a kiss.
Cle: Explode.

What is your earliest memory?
Mike : Getting stoned by sniffing ether in a hospital when I was five.
Cle: Saturday afternoons in our flat in west-berlin with applecake/cream and premier league football on the radio.

Do you collect anything?
Mike : Hoovers.
Cle: Dust.

A fundamental thinker?
Mike : About what ?
Cle: I´d like to think less…

What is your most recent extravagance?
Mike : Playing with the Strings Of Love Orchestra at the Love Parade 2008 (see
Cle: Buying london for one pound. Oh wait – that was just a dream : ((

What five words best describe you?
Mike : Warmhearted, passionate, bitchy, ambitious, lazy.
Cle : man, tall, bearded, calm, humorous.

What is your worst addiction?
Mike : Love.
Cle : TV series.

What were you doing at midnight last night?
Mike : bookkeeping.
Cle : Buying London for one pound.

Who is your worst enemy?
Mike : Money.
Cle : bookkeeping.

Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?
Mike : Mr Spock.
Cle : Sgt. Pepper.

Who are your favorite heroines in real life?
Mike : George Clinton (Parliament).
Cle: Women.

Who would you have liked to be?
Mike : Angus Young
Cle: The man who saved the earth and then exploded right after.

Okay… I didn’t want to post this tracks right now but i yielded… Here maybe my 2 favourites tracks ever… Finest of the finest.

Listen well Deco, the track and the break are really amazing… Usher, Montell Jordan, Timbaland, R. Kelly etc etc SUCKS

Enjoy !!

ChangeDon’t Wait Another Night – 1983 Atlantic Records (From “This Is Your Time” album)

DecoI’m So Glad I Met You – 1983 Qwest Records (From “Fresh Idea” album)

Rick Wright (1943 – 2008)

Pink Floyd – “The Violent Sequence”

Thanks to Pornochio (have a good salvia trip)

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