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avec Patrick Bebey / Pilooski / Victor Kiswell

LE MELANGE UNIQUE ET INSOLITE DE LA MUSIQUE TRADITIONNELLE AFRICAINE ET DES MACHINES. Pionnier africain de la musique electronique dans les années 70, Francis Bebey nous propose des chansons généreuses et pleines d’humour avec des synthétiseurs et boites à rythme bricolés. Un dépaysement musical inédit aux relents d’avant garde que le Musée du quai Branly et Born Bad records ( qui vient de sortir l’anthologie Francis bebey “african electronic music 1975-1982″ ) vous propose de revisiter à l’occasion de cette soirée hommage !

A cette occasion, qui de plus légitime que son fils PATRICK BEBEY, pour venir revisister les classiques de son pêre le temps d’une soirée. ….Patrick Bebey se produira accompagné de son quartet.

Pour ouvrir et cloturer la soirée l’incontournable PILOOSKI, producteur émerite et initiateur d’un projet de remix des oeuvres de Francis bebey , ainsi que VICTOR KlSWELL, infatigable dénicheur de disques rares et oubliés vous feront part de leur sélection musicale très pointue.

En partenarait avec NOVA

Here’s the first part of a ghost mix i did for the blog. Hope you like. it. get it here.

Battant is back ! their new album, “as i ride with no horse” produced by it’s a fine line [Ivan Smagghe & Tim Paris] will be out october 3rd 2011.

Before the storm, here is a very limited 10″ for your ears.

check it here

Now get it here:


Populette is Andrew Potter & Max Pasq. They’re from NYC, & they’ve been showing great creative skills with their 1st 12″ for Throne OF Blood last year & upcoming remixes for The Rapture (DFA), Black Strobe, Turbo or again Plant record.

What turns you on ?

A:My girlfriend’s legs. Her voice.
M:when you call me “Darling”

What is your favorite word ?


What sound or noise do you love ?

A:The sound of rain hitting the air conditioner, and Max’s Arp 2600.

Have you driven anyone insane ?

A:Yes, I think so.
M:Most likely

Have you ever made a practice of confusing people ?

A:No need for practice. I think it comes naturally!
M:I like to confuse James Friedman’s cats

What should everyone shut up about ?

A:How much they go to the gym, or how they are a “foodie”
M:Reality TV

What advice should you have taken, but did not ?

A:To go easy on myself.
M:Don’t smoke Don’t drink Don’t get on that motorcycle Don’t go too fast on that skateboard

What is your vital daily ritual ?

A:Reading. Music.

What do you fear most ?

A:Being misunderstood. Oh, and clowns.

How would you like to die ?

A:In my sleep or in an explosion.

What is your earliest memory ?

A:Getting a swimming lesson in Florida during a thunderstorm when I was
1 year old. Surprisingly, I love being in the water.
M:No idea man…the 80′s were so crazy, it’s all a blur…

Do you collect anything ?

A:Synths, books, music, scars
M:lost keys, lost wallets, lost glasses, lost jackets

A fundamental thinker ?

A:I’ve been known to change my mind if there is a good argument.
M:Homer Simpson

What is your most recent extravagance ?

A:I ate at McDonalds last night and then watched a fist fight between
the McDonald’s manager and a thug over a girl.
M:15$ for a bottle of Kriek Cerise

What five words best describe you?

A:Kind, wizardly, smart, funny, flawed

What is your worst addiction ?


What were you doing at midnight last night ?

M:having a good time in Nantucket

Who is your worst enemy ?

A:Not sure I have one. If you’re out there, let me know who you are!
M:That would be me.

Who are your favorite heroes of fiction ?

A:Gandalf, Morrissey, Papillon
M:Anybody that came out of Marcel Gotlib’s head.

Who are your favorite heroines in real life ?

A:My girlfriend, my mom
M:Mom is an all time favorite, and at the moment i have a special spot for Patti Smith, I’m reading “Just Kids” and i highly recommend it.

Who would you have liked to be ?

M:Albert Einstein

They also have new music coming out in november on Throne Of Blood, check it here:

Populette: Lasers are forever

Great 2011 Acid track from our man Marco that should be out soon on ESP.
Love to the Amsterdam crew.

10 minutes of suspended melancholy

10 minutes of suspended melancholy by PSKI


TJ Kong & Nuno dos Santos – Always Forever Now (Chymera remix) by TJ Kong

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