Interview The Stallions

What turns you on?
Andrew Hogge : My wife and good food
Doug Lee : Spirits

What is your favorite word? 

A : Dude
D: Fuck-it

What sound or noise do you love?
A : Pump Organ
D : The end of the world

Have you driven anyone insane?
A : My mother, wife, all my friends and soon my son
D : Ask them

What is your earliest memory?
A : Waking up this morning.
D : The Big Bang

Have you ever made a practice of confusing people?
A : It’s not a practice, it’s just reality
D : I Try

What should everyone shut up about?
A : Religion
D : Everything

What is your vital daily ritual?
A : Nice bread with mashed avocado and vegemite
D : I really need one of those

What The Stallions is not ?
A : ChillWave
D : ChillWave

What do you fear most?
A : Completion
D : Myself Drunk

Do you collect anything?
A : All musics and images
D : Books, Magazines, Records, Movies, Keyboards, Tuxedo Tshirts

What is your most recent extravagance?
A : Having nice home-cooked mezze in Istanbul
D : Dinner

What five words best describe you?
A : Any, Way, You, Want, It
D : Can, Not, Answer, This, Question,

What is your worst addiction?
A : The word “yes”
D : Fun and smoking

What were you doing at midnight last night?
A : Walking thru alleys of Istanbul in the rain
D : Having fun and smoking in istanbul

Who is your worst enemy?
A : Lee Douglas
D : Me

Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?
A : Barbapapa, Willy Wonka, Lady Chatterly, Monkey Magic
D : Don Quioxte, Candide, Emmanuelle (Laura Gemser or Sylvia Kristal), Obatala, any character played by Barbara Stanwyck…….are a few

Who are your favorite heroines in real life?

A : Neil Young
D : Wilhem Reich, Ludger Sylbaris, Edgar Cayce, Richard Pryor, Nikola Tesla, Phillip K Dick…….are some

Sombrero Galaxy – Journey To The Centre Of The Sun (Stallions Remix) by ESP Institute

The Stallions / Social Club / Vendredi 29 octobre /Aeroplane release party

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